Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Snowing!

Yep...that's right! It's snowing in South Carolina! I was in Charleston this morning, and we kept getting calls from nervous mothers (not my own because she grew up outside of Chicago so snow is no big deal) who wanted us to get fire wood, buy jugs of water, make sure we had nonperishable foods. These are all things native South Carolinians think you need when snow is forecasted...although if you have lived here long enough you should know that 9 times out of 10 there will not even be rain and certainly no white stuff falling from the sky. Needless to say we were not worried. I left Charleston about 3:30 and it was drizzling. Within 30 minutes the drizzle had turned to sleet. 30 minutes after that it was SNOW...snow in South Carolina...yes it happened!!! So here's some pictures around my house tonight and one from my drive back from's 9:30 at the moment and it's still snowing!!! Such a blessing (and we are going sledding in the morning so watch out for those pictures as well...we have to wait until morning because I don't think my little African body can deal with cold snow with no sunshine!)!!!!
YAY...snow! I feel like a little kid again when it snows!!! The only issue at the moment is that my brother's wedding is tomorrow...please be praying for safe travel for everyone!

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