Sunday, February 13, 2011


If you remember back several months, we got a set of twins into the Bercario (nursery) named Amelia and Maria.  Well they have since grown big and are gaining strength each day.  They have been chubby from the beginning...good eaters I like to say!
Anyway, our nurse in the Baby House, Aurora, thinks Sam (another missionary) and I look alike.  She therefore refers to us as Amelia and Maria.  Sam and I think it's partly because she can never remember Sam's name...which since she doesn't work with her does make some sense...but all in all it's quite comical.  Every time we are together and we see Aurora we laugh to ourselves as she walks up and proceeds to say..."Hello Amelia" (to me) and "Hello Maria" (to Sam)!  So the other day we took the opportunity to take a photo with our twins!  Makes me laugh...I mean, don't you think we look alike??  We're obviously quadruplets!

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  1. there is a striking resemblance between the 4 of you.....oh how i miss aurora....PLEASE HUG HER for me!!!!