Thursday, May 21, 2009

What an amazing night?!

All I can start with is God is good!
Let me set up the situation for you...Last night a group of girls from NewSpring took a little trek out to the Hartwell dam. No one knew what the plan was other than some girl time and some God time! We layed out blankets and worshiped with Mere's ghetto speakers...and our ALWAYS faithful Lord showed up in a BIG way!
Here's what He taught me-
~ I was focused on the "alone" feeling I have right now in regard to Africa plans, knowing its time to starting saying goodbye, and the fact that the next year will be filled with a language barrier, tough long days, and stretching in every way I can think of. The stars were brilliant but at one point I looked up to watch clouds cover them...all but two. Each time I looked up during my prayer and worship time there were two stars visible...God was watching over me! There was a complete peace in the concept that Christ is enough and will be with me through this next year!
~ The big ways He moved in others' lives last night...PRAISE HIM FOR THE WORK HE DID...showed me that He can have a completely different relationship/conversation with each of His children simultaneously! That just blew me away!

As I said...God is good and working in BIG ways!

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