Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blessed by the pequeno (small) things...

First...I'll admit you are probably going to laugh at this but I had to share. I've had a rough few days...all I can say is that I think I am beginning to understand what "culture shock" really is. Up until this point I've been able to pass everything off in my head as...well that's just how they do it...they aren't Western and I can't expect them to be...what did I think was going to happen coming to a developing nation. Anyway this week I've just gotten frustrated. It's the little things that make me boil over.
Perfect example- Last night I jumped in the shower. It was cold because of course we're out of gas and the center doesn't have any more right this minute. So I'm trying to go as fast as possible because last night it wasn't really that hot outside so a cold shower was not that exciting of a notion. Anyway I looked down at one point and there was a ROACH on my leg. Ok, I can deal with a lot but the fact that a roach could have crawled half way to my knee without me feeling it just pushed me over...tears rolled down my face. that's what it's been like. The little things just do me in. But tonight I was in my bathroom getting ready for bed and there was a pequeno...I mean smaller than my big toe...gecko on the floor. It was maybe the cutest little thing (other than adorable African children) I've seen in a long time. All I thought was...what a blessing?! So all of that to say...thank you Lord for blessing me with a baby gecko!
Good night to all!

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  1. You are going to take the looooonnnnngggeeessstttt bubble bath when you get back home!