Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Few Prayer Points...(and my schedule for time at home)

Prayer Points:
~Thanksgiving for all your prayers and the recovery of little Lucinda. She spent 2 nights in the hospital but now is back on our center with 2 black eyes and significant swelling but no long term damage!
~For 3 of our little ones who possibly have tuberculosis. There cases are being investigated as I write this. Also there is a new law in Moz that says anyone under 5 exposed to TB from someone they live with has to be treated as well. That is great when you have small kids in a family when a parent or neighbor has TB...but on our center this is near to impossible. Plus 95% of the cases of TB we see are extra-pulmonary so the kids cannot spread it through coughing as TB we see in the States is spread. Just a point of prayer that God would work this situation out for the good of all!
~For my last few days here (I leave in 4 days) to be filled with great kid moments and time with missionaries as well as all the work that needs to get finished.
~For safe and simple travel time is 25 hours plus 2.5 hours home from the airport!
~For my time at home, that God would be present and orchestrate all the days and moments. That in 25 days I could see and spend time with everyone who means so much to me, that God would give me the words, stories, and information to share in all my speaking engagements, and that I would be refreshed and ready to return by the end of my time at home.

Thanks for all the prayers I know you will send up!

And as for a schedule for my time at's my current plan:
February 2nd-9th, Aiken with my family and friends
February 10th or 11th-13th, Charleston
February 14th-17th, back in Aiken
February 18th-22nd, Clemson/Anderson/Greenville
Then I'll be in Aiken until I fly out on the 25th.

As for speaking arrangements:
Feb. 14th-10:00, St. Augustine's Church in Aiken
Feb. 16th-evening, Bible study and prayer group in Aiken who has been lifting me up in prayer
Feb. 18th-5:30, dinner with freshman nursing students, Clemson
-7:00, Clemson nursing school
Feb. 19th-7:00, Greenville at The Summit, an elderly christian group
Feb. 21st-10:30, The Vineyard Church in Greenville
Feb. 22nd-6:30, FCA small group dinner, Clemson

I am so excited to see all of you!

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