Monday, January 18, 2010

Prayers please...

So every Monday morning we have a clinic/medical staff meeting. We were wrapping things up as there was a LOUD knock on the clinic door. One of the tias was at the door with a BALLING little girl, Lucinda. Turns out she had been playing with a ball and fell. She knocked the bridge of her nose on a cement step. OUCH! There was only a bit of blood so I washed her up quickly but by the time I was done with that her face was beginning to swell. We decided she probably needed to head to the hospital because her nose was certainly looking broken, and she was showing possible signs of a concussion also.
I just found out that they are keeping her in the hospital for observation over night at least. Please be praying for her doctors and nurses and the tia that is with her. The hospital here is not a welcoming place, and it's just tough to be there with a hurting child. Also just pray that God heals her, whatever is going on, and gets her back here quickly and safely!

One other prayer request for me is for grace, wisdom, and understanding as I continue to learn the clinic system and look to being in charge for 3 months (March, April, and May) once I return from the US. It's a HUGE stress for me at the moment, and I would love God to be working in me and through me in this situation.

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