Thursday, April 29, 2010

In her Father's arms

It's with tears streaming down my face that I write you this. I just read through the many e-mail responses I got assuring me supporters were praying on the other side of the world for Graca's (Pequena's) little life. Many of them wrote about the work I'm doing and how proud they are...I can only say at this moment I feel helpless, exhausted, hurt, frustrated (angry might be more appropriate)...but that is all because I have responded to God's call on my life. I know He is in charge; He will forever have the ability to do the impossible; and He loves his children more than I could ever hope to.

Graca passed away this afternoon. She just stopped breathing. I'm sure her oxygen saturation (the amount of oxygen in her blood) had been slowly decreasing all day but because the hospital took her off the monitor sometime before Erin saw her this morning they would not have known. I am sad, I am hurt, I am questioning, I am angry...but more than me I am asking for prayers for others...
~Graca's father- he has been so involved since Graca came to live with us 6 weeks ago. He has visited many times, every time asking if he could feed her. He has held and cuddled her in his arms. He is a young father and here it is VERY unusual to have a father who has been left by their wife who wants to keep their baby, not to mention one who is young. He has stole my heart since day one. Pray for the peace that passes all understanding to pass over him. Pray he somehow is able to see God in the midst of this tragedy. I thank God he was able to see his little girl one more time today before she left this world to live with her heavenly father.
~Our tias (Katia, Razu, Madalena, Kristina, Lucia, Anastansia, and Leanora)- These women are my heroes. These women love our children like they are their own. These women share the love of Jesus with the heart of the Father. These women spent countless hours trying their absolute best to get Graca to even eat a 1/4 of a banana. These women fed her around the clock for 6 weeks. These women loved her when all she did was cry all day and vomit after everything she ate. These women are hurting. One of them just kept saying "dor" (pain in Portuguese) over and over again as we prayed with them this afternoon. Erin was able to tell them thank you for all the work they do and the love they show. I so desperately wish I had the language to do this but through my tears I tried my best. Please be praying for their comfort and peace. Please be praying the devil is not able to gain and stronghold by placing blame on them. This was no one's fault but in Mozambique everything has to be someone's fault. Also we are praying against the fear of disease here. We are praying this women don't believe that after watching 3 babies die in less than a year that if they or their family is sick they are destined to die. Please join us.
~Erin, Jannie, and Sheri- the other nurses who worked with Graca. I pray they feel God's peace and love as well. I know we are each hurting in a different way. Many are angry or frustrated/confused by the medical system here. I just pray we each are able to grab ahold of our Lord and find peace in Him.
~Bercario missionary staff (Neil, Hilda, and Nancy)- these three missionaries each spent countless hours holding Graca, trying to calm her through tears and coughing fits, praying for her, being vomited on, and just loving her. Just be praying for their hearts as well.

Graca's funeral will be on Saturday morning. Please pray this is a time of closure, understanding, and peace for all involved. Know your support and prayers carry me through each of the tough situations I face here. You are each loved and appreciated.

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