Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pequena Update...

This morning we headed into the city to bring the new tia to stay with Pequena. Erin by God's grace was able to sneak in to see her. She is still on high flow oxygen (14 liters) and they have taken her off of the SaO2 monitor (don't ask me why)...but there is no more nasal flaring, no more grunting...just retractions left. She is certainly not out of the woods, but Erin was encouraged by how she looked...but please keep the prayers coming. She has a feeding tube at the moment but is not eating anything. The tube is ventilating her stomach that otherwise would fill with oxygen because of the high flow.
There is a new tia there with her now...Katia left us to head home to take care of her children. Life here is tough. Katia stayed up all night in the hospital and now will go home to her own family. It makes me again stand in awe of the women who serve our children. They are absolutely amazing.
Keep the prayers coming for little Pequena please that God who be her strength, healer, and sustainer. Also be lifting up Lucia the tia that is with her now. Thank you and I'll keep you posted as we hear more.

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