Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Internet and Pequena (small in Portuguese)

OUR INTERNET IS BACK! That is all you need to know about that.

Now I have an urgent prayer request for you. We have made the choice as a medical team to do our absolute best not to put medical information regarding our children up on websites. So...I will refer to her as Pequena from now on.

Tonight I was called by one of our nurses, and she asked if I could come up to the clinic and take a look at Pequena because they had already put her on oxygen. Of course I headed right up. It turns out she had aspirated vomit (that means sucked it into her lungs for non-medical people out there) and went downhill very fast. They tried 2 nebulizers back to back and then went for the oxygen we have stashed in our clinic. She was on high flow oxygen for about 15 minutes by the time I saw her. Let's suffice to say...she didn't look good.
Soon after I got there we called our director (another nurse) and decided we needed to transfer her to the hospital. We have no portable oxygen and the hospital is 45 minutes away. It was decided we would have to get some boys to put the oxygen tank we have (it's about the size of me) into the back of our ambulance because that's the only way she would make it. After finding a driver, getting together all of her medications (because they won't provide those for her), figuring out what nurse would go, figuring out what tia would go...we finally packed Erin, Pequena, and a tia in the back of the ambulance and prayed them off.

(Side note...this is honestly what I was thinking...Dino....Dino...Dino! I couldn't get him out of my mind. What he looked like when we entered the hospital...that they only put him on oxygen after 5 hours of nebulizer treatments...that he died less than 24 hours after entering that hospital. I know it terrible...but I will say it gave me a HUGE will to pray for God's intervention because obviously we needed it.)

So we prayed for Pequena, tias, Erin, doctors, travel mercies...and we waited to hear from Erin (who I knew was worried but held it together amazingly well). This is what we know now...she was looking terrible by the time she got to the hospital. She is now on high flow oxygen and her oxygen levels are better (not great but better). Katia (one of our tias) is with her now. Erin, Jannie (another nurse), and I will go see her tomorrow. Please be praying for Katia, Pequena, the doctors and nurses, and our staff here.

"Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the BABY who takes refuge in him." ~Psalm 34:8

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