Monday, May 3, 2010

A Weekend of Heaven!

A weekend of heaven it was! Erin and I spent a long weekend away from the center about the middle of April. It was glorious, filled with silence, no children playing outside your window at 6am, no medical issues to solve, only peace and quiet! We spent lots of time chatting, sleeping, watching movies, listening to sermons, lying by the pool, eating great food, and just plan having fun!
Let me see if I can reinact the best moments for you...then you might be able to understand the amazingness of our weekend!

Amazing moment #1- discovering we had count them 2 king size beds! We walked in and I'm pretty sure what we both did first was flop down on our beds! Amazing, comfy, king sized beds!

Amazing moment #2- A relatively large moth came to visit us. Apparently it thought our great little house should be it's home as well. Erin immediately freaked out...she doesn't like creatures at all and certainly not flying ones! She was ducking, screaming, running...all in one. I resolved to catch the moth in our trash can...but I didn't really contemplate the fact that it had such a large opening. Well the moth flew directing at Erin..."attacking her" were her words. Finally it landed again and I was able to trap it and get it back OUTSIDE where critters belong! Many laughs followed this removal! (The cellphone in the picture is for size comparison!)

Amazing moment #3- On one of our walks up to the main house for dinner we discovered fruit trees. In Moz they have normal fruits we eat in the US...bananas, apples, oranges (although they are green), pineapple...but they also have what I refer to as "African fruits". This means its something that probably tastes good but I don't know how to open it, how to eat it, or if it's safe. We decided to pick one each and see what we could discover. Erin's was something we both thought we had seen the tias eating/Erin had seen in the community. Here is how Erin thought best to open it:
Yes, she is banging it against our door step! It did open and this is what we found...
It wasn't ripe. You are suppose to be able to suck the pulp off the such luck. Guess we should have left it on the tree. I don't have any fantastic pictures of mine, but it was VERY oddly shaped and looked like a frog with warts all over it! Before I could get it off the tree the stem was already pouring milky white stuff...kind of like poinsettias when you break a leaf. I finally got it busted open and my best guess is they make glue with it. I think it should have been called the glue fruit. The white stuff just continued to seep out everywhere you broke the skin and it was so sticky my fingers were sticking together...hence "the glue fruit"!

Amazing moment #4- We certainly had not left Mozambique. Just take a look at these pictures and see if you see what I saw?

Ok, now take a look again. The first one is a picture of one of the windows in my room. Yes it does have a hole drilled right through it...the perfect place for mosquitoes (possibly malaria carrying mosquitoes) to get in! The next two are of the top of our front door. Yes, it did have 8 skrews through it that connected to NOTHING and served NO purpose...we racked our brains and could think of nothing. If you have any ideas please tell me?! These again caused many laughs as we shared our many stories you only have once you have lived in a developing nation.

There were countless more amazing moments including the best butternut squash soup I have EVER had (maybe the best soup I've ever had), a LONG afternoon visit to the trampoline, and mornings spent sleeping in and then walking through the community to go get breakfast from a little stand! Basically it was a blessing of a weekend. Of course I was excited to get back to the kids...but vacations NEVER last long enough!


  1. Hi, I'm a faithful reader of your blog :) Just want to share my ideas on the skrews. Maybe they are there for you to hang clothes or sling begs? Just guessing...hehe!


  2. Well they were very close together for that and REALLY high up...but you just never know here!
    Thanks for your reading...I hope God is blessing you through my stories!

  3. Hello!

    I had a really crazy dream about being in Africa last night. You were there : )

    Just thought I'd let you know

    Miss you!!

  4. I wish you were really in Africa!
    I miss you too!!!