Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Gauntlet...complete

First- a HUGE praise. I have reached my initial goal of $10,000! God is good and absolutely had a plan. He deliberately told a friend of mine to give me $100 yesterday...she asked how much I had left to raise and I shared I was only $103 away from my initial goal. In obedience and joy she wrote me a check for exactly that! Praise only God and may every penny of the money raised go toward making His name famous!

Second- Yesterday I got back to Anderson safe and sound after the Gauntlet...a week that could only be described as God-filled, fun, and exhausting all at the same time. I'll be sure to share some stories soon as I process what I heard/learned/took in...
As for today thanks to those who prayed as I moved all of my belongings back to Aiken. Everything is here, the Uhaul unloaded and most of it inside (minus some boxes who's home will be the garage for another few days until all of my brother's stuff is moved). What awesome parents I have to move my brother yesterday and then drive to Clemson to move me today and deal with a daughter who is exhausted. I'm glad it's done.
I think tonight will be filled with lots of tv time on the couch after Mom gets back with the Chinese!
Promise to share Gauntlet stories soon!

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