Sunday, July 19, 2009

One month and counting...

So as of yesterday I have exactly one month left in the States. Craziness! To describe where I'm at:
Physically- busy! Tomorrow at 4AM I leave for what my church calls The Gauntlet. It is better described as over 700 high school and middle school students as well as over 200 volunteers spending a week together in Daytona, Florida for teaching and fellowship. We are loading count them 18 buses for a 10 hour drive tomorrow. I'm very excited and a little nervous/desperate for God to work through me! I can't wait to report what God does throughout this week when I return! As for other news...I'm still babysitting 4 days a week for two weeks after I return from Florida. And my parents are working on putting together a trip to Puerto Rico August 9-12. We'll see if they comes to pass.
Emotionally- excited, stressed, tired of saying goodbyes, nervous...basically my brain is on overdrive trying to figure out what I need to get done before leaving. I'm hopeful this next week will give me some time away when I can't get anything physical for Africa departure completed so I'll be able to sort through feelings and prepare my heart and mind a little better.
Spiritually- being able to speak last weekend was definitely a dream come true as well as a huge blessing (I don't think I've admitted this yet, but one of my dreams is to become a public speaker! I would love nothing more than to spend my life getting share with others what God has done in my life to inspire them!), my time with the Lord (whenever I can find some quiet time) has been filled with closeness and lessons, this summer has definitely been about God showing me sinful areas of my life and us SLOWLY (on my part) but surely working through them, it has also been a time for God to teach me about earthly relationships and what they were made to look like...basically great times learning some hard lessons

Ok that is it for now. I have to get some sleep before our VERY early departure time. Please pray for God hand to be ALL over this whole conference. I want to see heart change in the girls I'm going to be leading and for them to absolutely be fired up to return to school this fall. God definitely has HUGE plans for this week so anticipate some wonderful God stories when I return!

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