Sunday, November 8, 2009

Calling all prayer warriors...

Hey there I'd love to tell you about my relaxing day yesterday and the fact that I got to meet the US ambassador and hang out in his house...we played rock band!!!! But that is going to have to wait.
For now I would love for each of you to pray for a precious little boy. You'll remember from a few days ago that I wrote about Lucas. He lives in Laura's dorm and was the one that was being starved at the hospital. Well he was doing great at the beginning of the week...but as of Friday started refusing food. We are really looking at him more as palliative care at this point and it is really breaking my heart. He could walk a few steps monday and was interacting with me...but today he is laying in his bed whimpering.
Please pray for healing, wisdom for those of us treating him, a peace about his care, and especially for Laura, who is away in the States during all of this.
Thank you in advance.

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