Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Living a Miracle!

So yesterday Lucas was doing a bit better, but I was trying very hard not to get my hopes up too much. I just kept praying and trusting that others all over the world were doing the same!
Today...you are not going to believe this...he can stand up on his own, walk across his camarata (dorm) and back, smiles, plays, and is eating well! I'm not going to lie to you I listened to his lungs and they still sound pretty terrible, but in comparison to Sunday he is a walking, smiling, eating miracle!
I heard this testimony from Sunday today as well...a group of missionaries, pastors' wives, and tias went to pray over him Sunday morning. One of the newer missionaries, Sonya, heard that she needed to pray against evil spirits and curses put on little Lucas by the witch doctor but did not know if culturally she could say that. So, she started praying that God would reveal the same thing to one of the other ladies. That lady began to pray against the spirits and witch doctor curses almost immediately, then a tia joined in as well. What a testimony to the power of prayer and the goodness of our God!?
Here's some pictures from today...
This is Rebecca and Lucas...all smiles!
Me and Lucas...sorry I always have this shirt on in pictures...I do own another I promise!
Lucas and his stacking cups...his absolute favorite toy!

He was a little upset with me because I wasn't holding him but I wanted you all to see that he can stand and walk on his own!!!!!!!!!!
Praise Jesus for this little life and thank you to all those who have prayed, loved on him, and looked after him!


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  2. How is our little guy now? No one has mentioned him so I imagine that means he is doing quite well??? I tried to call a couple times but keep having problems. Please tell him Mana Laura loves him and misses him!
    How are you doing?