Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The New Man in my Life!!!

Don't get too worried...he is only 8 months old tomorrow! We got a new little one into the Bercario (nursery) today.
Meet Francisco
; he is certainly stinkin' cute!As for his story, it is a sad one. His mother died about 2 months ago and his father is having a very hard time with it. He has been attempting to care for Francisco but is not able at this time. We are hopeful to only have him a short time in order to give his father time to heal and rebuild his life. He has a few minor infections at the moment...ear infection, scalp infection, and scabies. But, he has already taken to white people as you can see and was laughing hysterically at me soon after this picture! Please be praying for all of his little medical issues as well as his transition into the Bercario. Our good friend Dionisio (the funny one with all the faces!) has moved on to the Baby House...so now with Francisco the Bercario is back up to 6!

And for other good news...I have water again! I'm still not sure what happened but about 3pm it began working again. No one really has an explanation. Second, Aleya (my roommate and another nurse on base) has been able to pass along the need for funding for the Bercario to friends and family and God has faithfully provided pledges to cover expenses for 3 more months! That means our babies will have at least a few more months in this great environment.
Please let me know if you feel led to help with the Bercario in any way or just want more information!

And one more picture of Francisco...please be praying for him!

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