Friday, November 20, 2009

Welcome Naftal! (This one is for you Laura)

We welcomed several other kids to the center in the last few days (not only my little Francisco). Naftal is 7 and a new member of Laura's dorm...the dorm of boys I've been working with. He's still a little quiet, but very cute! He seems to have a confident spirit. We prayed over all the new kids at church Thursday night, and he was going to get up all by himself and walk up there until I took his hand. He is healthy and happy at the moment and his brother is also living on our center.
Meet Naftal and be praying for a healthy and quick transition for him into dorm life!
Also, all for you is the crew last night during movie time!And two of your little ones singing at church last night!And last but certainly not least, our dear Sheldon...being adorable as usual!

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  1. You are so great Meghann! Thanks for going out of your way to keep me informed!! What a little doll he looks like (as does your new sweetie in the Bercario!). I'm excited to meet him when I return. thanks for all your help in the dorm, it's such a blessing to know you and Rebecca are there!
    Enjoy the cool weather, I know I would be!
    See you in a bit!