Thursday, November 11, 2010

18 and counting

We're up to 18 kids with the chicken pox and 2 others are on the maybe list.  I can no longer claim that the most vulnerable have been spared...but I can beg for your prayers.  We have two little guys who eyes are almost swollen closed and who are miserable with high fevers, lung issues, and lots and lots of spots.  We have several others who are just struggling with fevers.  Please keep them all in your prayers...and especially the nursing staff who is working over time to prepare all the medications and get them given out on time not to mention taking temperatures and trying to make sure their lungs are not affected!  Also keep Tracey and Valerie (the two missionaries who work in the baby house) in your prayers as well.  They are doing their best to show compassion and mercy to all these little ones in their time of need.
Also, as of this afternoon we have a new 8 year old living with Tracey.  I would ask your prayers first for all of his medical needs.  We have already had to deal with one emergency tonight which hopefully medication will stabilize and may be bringing him to the city tomorrow for a consult.  Second, please be praying for Tracey and her tias as they attempt to deal with all of his behavioral issues as well.
May God be our joy and strength in this time of busyness and stress...

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