Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Warming Up!

It's warming up around here in more than one way.  The weather is HOT...not just warm...HOT.  It's over 100 degrees most days, but praise God the rainy season is upon us and gorgeous thunder storms are cooling down the nights!  I can't help but think of South Carolina in the summer...minus the air conditioning of course.
But, in other news all of our new little ones are warming up to life here.  Their personalities are starting to shine.  They are constantly smiling and's SO cute!
Check out Ozias (Zito)...this is him with his brother, Edson, the other day.  I told you his brothers LOVE him.  It's so adorable!
And here is Horacio!  He thinks I am absolutely hilarious now.  We spent over 30 minutes playing with a little towel, and he had me rolling in laughter!  Love him!
 And here are our little cute and cuddly!  Just thought they would make you smile!

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