Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Exciting Siting!

This is sort of a blast from the past...but I was encouraged!  You may remember that several months back I was helping a little community boy who had burned his arm when an oil lamp had fallen in his house and the oil had spilled on him.  For a long while he was coming to the center every other or every third day to have his dressing changed and wound cleaned.  He faithfully came, smile on his face.  Each time I would dry the tears from his eyes after I had scrubbed his wound before sending him home with an apple or whatever I could find that day.  It's his faithfulness and courage in the face of pain that hasn't left me.  Well this Sunday at church he came bounding up to me.  He immediately pulled up his shirt sleeve and smiled!  This isn't the best photo but here he is on Sunday!
God is good and does use all things for the good of his children!
To see where this all started...check this out and this!
Thanks one more time for your help Dan...I know God has huge plans for you and your family!

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