Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Chair...

So we have always had this little red chair that sits in our Baby House clinic room.  It was the perfect size for all little tikes who needed to take a seat while they waited for their favorite nurse (or needed to be held down by their least favorite nurse).  Anyway, it cracked.  Sadly it was on its last leg.  So, Tracey (the amazing missionary who runs the Baby House) bought us a new one.  It was yellow and working out great.  But it was determined unfit for the larger kids.  I'll say I was a flimsy for the 6 year olds who sometimes ended up in it.
Turns out a few weeks ago we ended up with another new chair to try out.  Take a look...
Adorable right?!  Who wouldn't want to come and have a seat on Micky and Minnie?  It was metal...more durable and a bit larger.  Perfect for those 6 year olds causing us an issue!  So we all thought until our first little patient came to take a seat.  I can't recall who it was...but they came in and took a seat and much to everyone's surprise the chair squeaked!  Not just a I'm a new chair squeaking because you sat on me squeak...oh no.  This was a squeaker toy, REALLY loud, obnoxious, long, drawn out squeak.  I just started laughing.  I mean the Baby House is ALWAYS loud.  If no one is crying, it's a miracle.  If only one child is yelling your name at a time, it's been a good day.  So I had to laugh at the idea of a chair that SQUEAKED adding to the overall noise of our lives.  What else could you do but laugh??
Well, this little patient was attended to and went to leave.  And much to our surprise as he got up to go toddling off to play there was another LOUD SQUEAK!  Yep, it's squeaks when you sit down and when you get up...RIDICULOUS I tell you!  We all decided we'd give it a shot and it brought joy to many little faces as they realized they could make it work by sitting down and standing up as fast as possible before Mana Meghann was ready to see them.  Hilarious really!  Even more funny were the little guys who were scared to death of it.  They would happily walk with you to the clinic room but as soon as the saw the squeak producing chair they would stop in their tracks and refuse to come any closer.  They are TOO funny.  So I let many take a seat on the floor and didn't traumatize them with the squeaks!
Well it didn't take long before the older Baby House boys (all about 4 years old) began to say that's the chair that farts.  Can we make it fart?  What can you do?  Just laugh and tell them sure, sit down and it will make noise.  They LOVED it!  Everyone (minus those who were still scared) was "very sick" for a few days because they wanted to try out the chair.  So funny!
Sadly...or maybe not so sadly...the bouncing up and down on the seat to make it "fart" was a bit to hard on the squeaker.  It makes a fast little squeak now sometimes but nothing like it used to be.  I have to admit I'm relieved.  It was funny but it also was a bit rough hour twelve of your day to hear SQEAKKKKKKKKKKK each time a child sat down or stood up to leave.
So there you have...the story of our little red chair and the many laughs it caused!

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