Monday, May 2, 2011

My Little Helpers!

I'm not sure I can do these little guys justice, but I'll do my best. 
Here's the background you'll need to know to understand.  The Baby House is divided into 4 rooms by age.  Over the time I've been here the age range has gotten much smaller than it used to be...there used to be a range from newborn to 4 (almost 5) years old.  So basically each year the kids moved from one room to the theory growing in maturity as they moved.  Now the age range is from 18 months to 4 years.  It makes a HUGE difference...and there are more children than ever before as well.
All that being said...this post is about two little boys in particular who live in room 1, the oldest room.  They recently have decided to be my little helpers.  When they feel like it, that is.
Meet Adilson!
And meet Lorenco!
So every morning and night that I'm working these little guys ask what they can do to help.  They want to carry all the medications out to be given, carry the used syringes back to our little clinic room to be washed, and their favorite job is to call the little kids I need.  I usually have at least a few children who need special attention, be that creams applied, drops put in their ears, their lungs listened to, or their inhalers given.  So these two little stinkers appear at my door and ask who they should go call for me.  Some days I agree and allow them the EXTREME joy of helping.  It always ends in lots of play time and LOTS of laughter...
They really do their best to get the little kids to listen, but it doesn't always work out too well.  I mean you have to remember they are 4 year old boys.  And, they are attempting to get their 3 1/2 year old house mates to do what they say...some days it causes much more hassle than it was worth.  But other days they all joyfully come running into my little clinic room together...absolutely precious!

Just if I could train them to leave the kiddos who are crying or don't want to come with them instead of trying to drag them along and MAKE them do what they want!  Just imagine the possibilities if you had these little helpers around your house!  I can ship them over if you want!!!

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  1. Goodness how they've grown up! From what I remember they probably enjoy the having permission to collect the children who aren't thrilled, almost as much or more than those who come willingly.