Monday, May 30, 2011

The Cutest Family EVER!

My fellow missionary and good friend, Sam has started a program for the families here on the center.  She is taking them on outings so they can actually hang out with their siblings.  A lot of the boys in her dorm have younger siblings...sisters and/or brothers who live in other dorms on the center...and so each week she takes one of the adorable families out for an afternoon.  A few weeks ago I finally found the time to join her.  We took out maybe one of the cutest, best behaved, and smartest families on the center!  Here they are!  On the left is Lito, the oldest.  Next is Jose the youngest...he lived in the Baby House when I arrived.  Next is Mimi and then Serena.
 As you can see it was a fun afternoon filled with ice cream!

There was also a lot of fun on the playground!  And Lito even took Jose by the hand upon our return to the center and walked him back to his dorm.  So cute!

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