Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tchau Twins

Last month, we said a hopeful yet hard goodbye to two sets of twins who have lived with us since they were small.  All in one day Lena and Enoque, 2 year old twins, and Lucy and Vasco, 5 year old twins, both moved back to live with their families.  Lena and Enoque have a grandmother who is already caring for several of their siblings and her own children.  We took them in as infants because she was not capable of caring for them along with the other children.  But now that they are older and healthy, we faithfully placed them back into her care.  As for Lucy and Vasco, they have a father who loves them very much.  He has always wanted to care for them but as a single father could not work and care for small twins on his own.  Now that they are school-aged he will be caring for them again.  It is sad to see members of our Zimpeto family go, but it is also with a joyful heart that we let them go.  No matter what care we can provide for them here on our center, they will ALWAYS be better off at home in a family setting.  They will learn the responsibilities of a family, their culture, and how to cope in the harsh reality of Mozambique.  These are things, try as we might, we cannot teach them here at the center.  Here are a few pictures of the gorgeous twins we said goodbye to.
Adorable Lena and Enoque!  I absolutely love them and will miss their smiling faces and infectious laughter!

 Lucy and Vasco...always full of energy and ready for fun!  They will be missed by all!

 Here's all 4 of them getting ready to leave.  Lucy and Vasco were very excited to be going to live with Papa.  Lena and Enoque were a bit confused about what was happening I think...but I trust they have adjusted and are loving life with their brothers and sisters!

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