Thursday, July 1, 2010


When I decided to follow God's call and spend this year of my life in Moz I knew I would miss a lot of things at home...weddings, Christmas, Thanksgiving, fun weekends with friends, Clemson football, graduations, big moments, and small moments...hugs, chats, tears, family, and friends. It's just the reality of moving to the opposite side of the globe. This week I am missing BEACH WEEK!
We all have something in our life that we remember doing EVERY year. For me going to the beach with the people I fondly refer to as the Clemson Crew is one of those things. The Clemson Crew are a group of my dad's friends from college that has blossomed as they each got married and had children. There are pictures of beach week from when I was an child and memories back as far as I can remember of the then half week we all spent together soaking in the salt air, waves, and sun. Once the "kids" who are now in our 20's got old enough we didn't get shipped off to our grandparents on Wednesday anymore and that marked the start of a full beach week together. The idea was at this certain age we could all fend for ourselves so our parents basically gave us free reign of our days but we always come together for dinner each night! I'm not sure I can do the memories justice...but I'll try...if you're at beach week this week feel free to comment and add any memories I forget...constant fights between the kids, Norville brother drama, the bunk bed room, sleeping in the closet, WindJammer, a bachelorette night to remember, an arm cast FULL of sand, dancing on the table, scrabble on our AMAZING scrabble table, pound cake fresh out of the oven, mom and hunter with their angle cut, Mother Meghann, Princess Amanda, the days of picking crab, crabbing, fishing, the Scooby van and it's smells, surfing lessons, Louie's whistle that still means come back RIGHT now, spades, something about poo on an outhouse??, card games, tons of dancing, Jimmy Buffett, sand bars, piles of sand dollars, sun burns (particularly me), "fun parent night", movies, Hunter's Hush Puppy Hut, who's cleaning up after Steve?, never making it through without an injury or 2, kayaking in the pool, the infamous rip tide that pulled Taylor and Meghann out to sea only to be saved by Amanda, lazar tag, ski ball, many tumbles from the kayaks, Princess Carolina and Jack Attack, the Sullivan's Island house (where oh yea we couldn't swim in the water!), wind surfing, women's Wednesday in downtown Charleston while Dad's go to meet the grandparents to drop off the kids, afternoon tea with the girls, James town, the boys singing inappropriate songs late into the night, the tilt-a-hurl, the kid room, the kid table, quotes on the white board, butler night, Tiki Barber, Washed Ashore, Mitch's dune deck, Carla's house, and I could probably go on forever.Just in my lifetime we have spent over 160 days together at the beach. That is a big chunk of life we have lived together (not to mention all the football weekends). Know I miss you Clemson Crew, Mom and Dad, the beach, and the fun I know you are having even if it is without me! I love you all!


  1. MeghannJuly 1, 2010 at 4:00 PM

    Add mesmerizing ghost crabs with flashlights, hot tub flamingo races, & girls early morning walks .... know we're missing you too....

  2. fitting so many people in the hot tub it overflowed, using the master bathtub as a hot tub...

  3. definitely missing you! new drinking games, learning the lyrics to songs we didn't want to know the meaning of, shagging, raw cookie dough, reading books in the pool, Monty Python reenactments, James' dancing shoes, backrubs, sunsets on the front porch (they're doing it now)

  4. How could I forget the he man woman haters club and the kids not being allowed on the porch that one day on IOP??