Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hide and Seek! I don't make it through most day with playing with children. I mean I do live with 350 children and work with 45 precious babies day in and day out. I've heard it said...I live on a playground (yep, that ones from you Laura). Seriously, when I wake up in the morning just to get to my kitchen I walk through sand. To get to work I walk under a jungle gym. No exaggeration, I swear. So Monday night we as a missionary team finally made use of the fact that we live on a playground...after all the kids were in bed we used the center where we live as a giant yard and played HIDE AND SEEK!!!
Ok, I'll admit it was more like a game of Seek and Hide because the goal was to find the team (groups of 2 or 3) hiding and hide with them until the last group found you. Somehow as adults (or at least bigger kids) we can find much more ingenious hiding places! When you were the shower, in a cabinet behind some dishes, or under the bed were FANTASTIC places where NO one would ever think to look...even if your foot was hanging out or you left the shower curtain open a bit. But let me tell you 8 missionaries with a children's center as their yard can find some pretty amazing places to hide! I won't divulge our genius ideas here...because I might just need to use them again...but lets just say some involved pulling ladders up onto roughs, sitting on rocks or buckets in a dirty hole, and "feeling VERY green" as one of the text message hints read.
On our first attempt at finding people my team had a bit of a tough time. First, I took a little spill...ok, I can't even call it a spill it was a face on the sidewalk FALL. If you have been here (mom and Wilder you'll appreciate this) know the funny place on the sidewalk in front of the clinic that goes up a step. Well, somehow even though I must walk over it approximately 25 times a day I didn't remember in the midst of desperately looking for our hidden opponents. As Rebecca describes it...she looked down just in time to see me fall on my face and skid a little. Don't anyone worry, I'm just fine. The only lasting effects are a sprained wrist that is getting better today and some sore shoulders. Next came the text message giving us a hint of where the girls were hiding. We were on the complete opposite side of the center and had already seen the boys (opposing team) run toward where the text was sending us. Of course we didn't have our keys with us to use the back we started banging on the back door of a building where missionaries live. Sheri (fellow nurse) came to our rescue and let us go through her house even though she was in the middle of dinner with her husband...thanks Matt and Sheri! All of WIN the round!
All of this to say...we live with kids and we are kids at heart! I suggest no matter what age you are a quick game of hide and seek will do the heart well!


  1. hysterical. wish i was there. i woulda joined in and beaten ALL of you!!!

  2. That sounds like so much fun - seek and hide! We will definitely have to play this on fun parent night next summer :)