Tuesday, July 6, 2010


1st- for Little One...Sheri got to see him Monday and was VERY encouraged by what she saw. He was smiling, interacting with her, and wanted ALL of his milk. He's taking even more (up to 130ml) every 3 hours. And he's weighing in at 5.7kg again (back up to where he started...which losing a bit to come back up is completely normal). He is now on an antifungal medication as well and finishing up his courses of antibiotics soon. It seems from what Sheri could sneak read in his chart that he had a urine infection. But while she was in there he was breathing a bit fast, but was also scheduled for a chest x-ray that afternoon! Seriously I am blown away by the treatment he is receiving...absolutely blown away! Keep him and the tias looking after him in your prayers, but know we are encouraged by how he looks. And I'm very excited that I'll get to go see him Thursday afternoon!!!
2nd- We have another little girl in the hospital as well. She came to us extremely sick with a VERY enlarged spleen. She went into surgery on July 1st and has had her spleen removed. She is now recovering and the biggest risk for her at this point is severe infection. Please keep her in your prayers as well...for relief for her pain and protection again infection!
3rd- We have 3 little boys who are struggling with respiratory issues at the moment, be it infections or asthma. Please keep Alberto, Vasco, and Augustinho in your prayers as well...and those of us treating them!

Ok...I'm off to bed in my newly painted, moved into room...that I am loving! Pictures to come soon I promise!

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