Friday, July 9, 2010

Look Who's Smiling!

LITTLE ONE! I got to go see him in the hospital yesterday (Thanks Tracey for bringing me!), and he consistently smiled at me! He smiled!!! A good sign for sure! Just as Sheri has reported to me he's all pinked up! His hands are not the color of mine any more and the inside of his eye lids are pink not bright white! All VERY good signs that his hemoglobin is not below 3 any more! He also has finished up his courses of antibiotics although he is still on preventative cotrimoxazole (completely normal for now)! He also is still finishing up his course of fluconazole. All looks well. The only thing that concerned me a bit was his quick breathing. They have already done a chest x-ray so my prayer is they are on top of this. They are changing the dressings on his head and bottom every day and honestly seem to be taking great care of him...doing all the things I would be doing! And he is already eating papinha (a type of baby cereal)! This is a great improvement and makes our life here a bit easier whenever he does come home because he will have already made this transition. All is looking positive. Keep him and tias in the hospital with him in your prayers...but know I am encouraged...and very excited to have him back here with us soon!!!!
Oh a bit more somber of our girls has been in and out of the hospital since she came to us. She has many long-term issues going on and is 8 years old but about the size of a 3 year old. On July 1st she had her spleen taken out and now is in the recovery stage. The BIGGEST risk at this point is infection. She has already suffered one infection this week...her grandmother (who is staying in the hospital with her) says it was diagnosed as malaria. Please keep her in your prayers as well! Surgeries are always risky but especially here where infection rates are high and follow up care and monitoring almost nonexistent. Just keep praying with us for God's healing power and protection! This is her on Thursday...definitely in pain and just starting to recover from malaria. Keep praying!

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  1. A-MAZING! such a difference meghann! I'm so excited for him. Praise God!!! Keep us updated. Miss ya'll!