Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Day of HUGE Bugs!

A week or so ago I had a day full of HUGE bugs.  I mean I do live in Africa!  
Encounter #1: I walked out of another house on base and found this guy in the sand...
Now you might be thinking...ok it's just a flying beetlie thing...but look how big it was!

Encounter #2: I made it back to my house and found another huge red and black beetle on my front door.  Two in one go...that's not too out of the ordinary.  Next came...
Encounter #3: I walked through my house to open up the back door.  We need cross ventilation ALWAYS because its HOT these days.  And, I found this mouth hanging out on our back door! was HUGE!

Encounter #4:  This encounter came later at night.  Rebecca (one of the amazing girls I live with) and I came back to the house to find a HUGE grasshopper flying around our front door.  As we attempted to unlock the door it flew at each of us at least once.  I'm sure there were at least a few girlish shrieks be expected!  But, we made it inside!

So that's my day of Huge Bugs...gotta love Africa!

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