Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sweet Baby Shelton!

Ok, ok...I know a 6 year old is not a baby, but Shelton is so tiny and in my mind is a frail little one.  He was admitted to the hospital on Friday.  This was only after Sheri (another nurse) argued with the Emergency Room doctor who wanted to send him home saying his underlying conditions were causing his current issues.  Finally, the doctor gave in and admitted him to a respiratory floor.  They believe he has a type of lung infection.  It is quite difficult to treat, but at the moment they have him on two types of IV antibiotics and seem to be monitoring him quite closely.  The swelling in his abdomen has gone down some, which is encouraging.  Our prayer now is that the doctors don't put all their eggs in one basket so to speak...I pray they don't stop looking for other issues just because they are trying to treat a lung infection.
Please keep praying and I'll keep you updated the best I can!

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