Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sickness Update...

I'll start with me...tomorrow will be a week since I started feeling awful.  I'm SO done with being sick.  I don't do sick well.  I don't rest and do nothing well.  But I will say that at least today I have eaten my first real food without wanting to cry my throat hurt so bad.  It was a bowl of cheerios...but still at least that's better than the yogurt, jello, and mashed potatoes I was eating up until now.  I haven't had a fever yet that's an improvement as well.  I'm really hoping this is the downward slope and tomorrow I'll be back to normal!  Keep the prayers coming!!!

Next the Baby House...they are still sick...quite sick!  Tons of them have high fevers...quite possibly we have just discovered they all have strep throat like me.  Please keep praying for them.  Most of them are still running around and playing...a few are sad little puppies resting all day and refusing to eat.  Just please keep them, the tias and missionaries caring for them, and our nursing staff (especially Rebecca who is working this weekend) in your prayers.  My hope is that with some new antibiotics started we'll be able to get this under control!

Now for Shelton...he is still in the hospital.  He has a few new symptoms that are making us all a bit worried.  But, our hope is that the change in his medication we have made will help with all of this.  They are still treating him with antibiotics and hopefully this will solve the lung issues.  Please keep him in your prayers!  Also please pray for the tias who are staying with a hard metal chair...exhausted...unable to rest...doing their best to console Shelton 24 hours a day.  It is a physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausting job!  Don't forget the hospital medical staff and all of us here at the center (attempting to pull at straws to figure out what is really going on with our little peanut) in your prayers as well!

Basically...PRAY...for all of us please...and trust with me that very soon everyone will be better...our heavenly Healer will touch each of us!

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