Saturday, June 13, 2009

Garage Sale Complete!

You are not going to believe the blessings of today...we made over $1600! Yes that's right...God poured His blessing out! That means splitting it with my brother (he's headed to law school if I hadn't mentioned that) and getting the money for the stuff I actually sold of my own...I am getting $917 going straight into the Africa fund! God definitely has a plan for how all of this money will be raised! And I am so extremely thankful that now my little human mind is beginning to seriously trust that God has a plan for all of the monetary support. To be transparent, I was telling myself to trust but finding it hard to actually do so. But I am past half-way at this point...and know that I will have the opportunity to speak at a church in town in mid-July. Please pray that God will reveal to me what His message would be for those people!
Thanks for all the prayers and most of all THANK YOU LORD FOR RAINING DOWN YOUR BLESSINGS TODAY!

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