Thursday, June 11, 2009

Garage sale update...

So...let me just start with the fact that garage sales are CRAZY! Seriously it all started Sunday when Mom called and decided that if I wanted to get rid of ANYTHING at my apartment in Clemson and thought it might sell I should bring it home. I packed EVERY inch of my little car (minus the extremely small space I left for Drew's things and his body since he was riding home with me). To mention a few things...a dresser, kitchen stuff, school stuff, t-shirts, art work, fish bowl, baskets, tons of purses, books, the list is endless. When I got home Mom had already been through a few closets in our house.
Monday I had to babysit for a total of 15 hours; Tuesday about 12 hours...needless to say I was not much help to Mom. Wednesday I spent ALL day going through closets, dressers, the attic...any space in my house that could possibly hold items I could decide we were selling. Today Mom and I spent all day filling up the garage. No one would believe the amount of things 4 people could accumulate over many years. We have 9 HUGE tables covered with items, 3 hanging racks of things, a big rack of bags and purses, a piece of full-sized plywood covered with bedding, and that is just what could be displayed. Our den and dining room are full of furniture to be sold (a dresser, bunk bed bedroom set, vanity, 5 chairs, bedside table, end table...I'm sure there are other things I can't think of right now). is insanity!
So here is the deal...I'm asking for prayers that God will poor down His blessing over my family on Saturday allowing others to come benefit from our belongings and His kingdom to grow through what this money can do for those in Africa! We are exhausted and tomorrow is the day of prayers for strength and stamina along with much grace and good fortune!

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