Saturday, June 27, 2009

Quick Updates!

To begin it is 2:08 in the morning and I just finished packing for my week at the beach with my fam and all my dad's absolutely amazing friends from college! This might be one of my favorite weeks of each year of my life! Anyway, we are leaving at 6am (Dad's brilliant idea- he's been asleep since probably about 10)! Yes that is less than 4 hours from now...but I wanted to fill you guys in on a few things.

#1- I completed my NCLEX or nursing boards today. They were at 2:00 but the testing center called to tell me I could come early. I started about 1:30. Thanks all of your was amazing to see God at work in my peacefulness and comfort level. It was intimidating but not unbearable. I had 112 questions (for those of you who don't know the NCLEX cuts off after you have reached a statiscal range of you getting in the 95% range of passing or failing with a minimum of 75 questions and a max of 265) I guess 112 is good. We shall see in 2 business days if my work paid off!

#2- Check out the fundraising at the bottom of this page...I'm at $8567! God rocks! That leaves me with about $460 a month for medications (anti-Malaria) and daily living stuff. My original $10,000 would give me about $500...but I have learned through talking with Erin (the missionary who is working at Zimpeto now) that 500 is the absolute least she could see my surviving on and sometimes things just come up (like renewing visas and sickness...) so whatever else God's provides I'm here to glorify Him with!

Ok...I think that's if for now. Headed to finishing cleaning up my room, write some thank you notes, and hit the hay...morning is coming too fast!

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