Saturday, September 5, 2009

Here the nursing begins...and football!

So until Thursday most of the babies were relatively well. Now we have fevers, ear infections, a stomach bug, and some type of flu. Please pray for the little ones...some of them are getting a little better while others are just sad. We're trying to get fever under control and problems solved at the moment...and I myself am trying to get well in the mix of it all.
I do sit extremely thankful for all the help I've had. All of the nurses here have been more than I could ask for in helping me diagnose, make decisions on treatment, and just helping with my confidence. There have been MANY Portuguese conversations during which I had no clue what was being said to me. I have done my best to express the few words I know in explaining when to give medicines, what I need Aurora (our Moz nurse) to do...but it is all frustrating...I just keep trying!
I do however feel like a nurse...I have been vomited on, bit, hit, wiped noses, given meds, done too many med calculations, began reading articles and looking up meds for ideas, loved on each little one who doesn't feel good (all in the span of 3 days). Not to mention all of the meds I've crushed, dissolved, and drawn up...welcome to pediatrics! I will say though, that most of the kids here take meds like champs! They sit like little birds and slurp up anything you put near them...there are the few though who don't think "medicamentos" are that yummy, but we play games and get those meds done anyway! Point being, to me that's a real nurse!
I would ask your prayers for all of the kids...for wellness and that no one else catches these bugs! Also, most of the center (older kids) have the flu as well...high fevers, coughs, stuffy noses, headaches, and stomach issues. I would ask that you pray for wellness for all! for is a little sad for me because if you're not aware college football has started again. Clemson football has been such a HUGE part of who I am. I'm not sure how to feel about missing the first game today. I definitely feel like I'm missing out, but at the same time know this is where I'm suppose to be. All those who are getting to partake in football I'm slightly jealous of you and expect you to soak in every minute of it! Anyway, if you're going to the Clemson game today PLEASE CHEER LOUD! And as always...Go Tigers!
A picture of my beloved Death Valley! I shall miss you today/this season!


  1. prayers for all the tots! the list of being hit, bit, thrown up on ect......good times. sounds about right too! it's not real till in one day you have been hit, bit, kicked, thrown up on, snotted on, peed on; and have baby spit up, formula, and meds all over you! but you know you LOVE it!!! miss everyone! email me if you need anything. seriously....i'm here for you even though i'm on a different continent. Do NOT hesitate!

  2. Hi Meghann!
    I am a serious football fan as well, pro, not so much college. The Sand Diego Chargers are my team and I can relate to you that it is one of the sacrifices you make, something like that that is so much a part of you! And I imagine, for your college, it's all tied up with memories and friendships as well.
    So, if you an overall football fan, and not just a Clemson fan, you are welcome to come join me to watch some old games from last season! My friend tapes game for me and sends them to me, that's how much I love it! Soon I'll be getting some from this season too!
    Have a great Sunday!