Monday, September 21, 2009

Vomit...the entertainment of my day!

Where should I start?? Today has been interesting (as you can probably see from the title of this post). It started out this morning with a visitor with a sprained ankle. After I wrapped that up and got him some meds, I was off to Baby House. I was met with Mr. Dino...who had a fever and wasn't doing great. Checked him out and decided we would wait out the day (he seems much better as of tonight!).
Here's Mr. Dino a few days ago...just so you can smile at how awesome he is!
Next, I went to grab some breakfast, chatted about Dino with Jannie (another nurse here), and my phone rang. The person on the other line was speaking in Portuguese...this is the first time I've dealt with this. Jannie was gracious enough to answer it the second time it rang...the tias in the nursery were looking for Chris! Got that taken care of. Then, I thought staff worship/church service would be a great start to my week. So I made it through worship, the sharing of testimonies...and Laura (another missionary here...who also loves football by the way!) sat down beside me with a FANTASTIC little special needs boy. I immediately asked if I could hold him...which was great until my phone rang again. All I could figure out was "sick" out of the Portuguese being said. I checked out the phone number and figured out it was the nursery again. So...that was the end of church for me. I was off to the nursery.
I discovered little Lucia had a fever. She felt hot enough I could probably fry an egg on her face...seriously! So I took the temperature, gave her some ibuprofen, and hung out for a bit. Her fever went up instead of down. :( Chris and I gave her a cool bath...she was FAR from pleased and the fever really didn't improve. This was the moment I started to question (in my head of course) why God sent me here to be a nurse. That is not the first time I've thought that since I've arrived...there are many times I've thought...I'm a new nurse who knows nothing (well in comparison to others), why am I doing this job...and quickly God reminds me, because I sent you. Anyway, I called in back up...Jannie came and took a look. Made me feel better just to get a second opinion. I'm still however praying for the day that when something happens I don't think, why me? Instead I think...thank you God for preparing me for this.
Point being little Luc (said "loose"), as I lovingly refer to her, still has a fever but it's at least down a bit, and she is now on prayers for her improvement would be awesome! As for the rest of my day...I spent much of the day hanging out just to make sure Luc wasn't getting worse. I quickly made meds before I headed off to our Monday night business meeting on base. There I discovered that the base is taking in 7 new kids tomorrow. At least 2 and maybe 3 of them will be taking up residence in the Baby look for their stories and pictures soon. And prayers that they are relatively healthy and that their transition into the center is a smooth one!
After the meeting I headed off to give out meds in the Baby House...I was already just a little tired and the kids were absolutely out of control. One bit two others, they were ALL screaming at once and running around like monkeys, and one decided to spit on me while I was cleaning out his ears...out of control I tell you! Anyway, one of the visitors who is here (a Russian nurse) helped me out with meds...and soon we escaped the madness to bring the nursery their meds and check on Lucia.
Let me tell you a little bit about Lucia. She HATES medicine. She gags, coughs, and often vomits. Seriously! So tonight thanks to another dose of ibuprofen and antibiotics she had 5 medicines we had to somehow get her to take. Chris decided she would try her hand at it. We were kind of laughing and talking to Lucia about vomiting...and not 2 seconds after Chris said something about how she really had on pretty nice clothes today and would appreciate them remaining vomit guessed it...vomit was EVERYWHERE! Here is the part that was entertaining though...Chris went to put Lucia down and she immediately started slipping (as Chris a granny on ice) in her own vomit that was ALL over the floor. We couldn't control ourselves...despite the horrible smell and the fact that Chris was covered in vomit and our sweet little Lucia with her high fever and all was soaked in vomit...we were dying laughing!
So yes, I ended my day bathing Lucia again and refusing to hug Chris (who thought it would be really great if we all gave her a big hug!). Point being even things we think are terrible can bring us great joy and laughter. Plus the bath brought down Lucia temperature finally! So here I am back in my room after a very eventful day. Just thought you should laugh along with me at the picture of a little girl unable to stand because the vomit covered tile floor she herself caused (maybe it sounds a little mean...but you have to laugh because otherwise you would cry)!

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  1. Not gonna lie, this post did nothing to ease my dislike for children. Thanks for the disgusting mental images :P