Thursday, September 3, 2009


I have said this several times in the last few days...some things about moving here have been VERY simple and others have been VERY hard. I sit tonight and realize how thankful I am for little things as well as many great big things in my life. So here it goes...a list of thanksgiving!
1~ Provision: I am quickly becoming more and more aware of the provision set out for me. I am extremely thankful for all of the supporters who stepped out in faith to come on board and support me in this ministry. Seriously without your faithfulness and obedience I would never have gotten here. Also, I am thankful for the molding of my heart God did this summer as well as prior and currently. As much as some days my flesh screams otherwise, I am thankfully trusting in the fact that God made me knowing I would fulfill this exact serve as a nurse here at Zimpeto.
2~ God experiences: I am very thankful for the many times God has brought me to tears or grabbed my heart during these last few weeks. He has shown me exactly where I am weakest and strongest. I know He is changing me and that humbles me to thankfulness!
Little things: My heart now jumps for joy when I pick the right key when attempting to open a door. I have 14 new keys that each open a certain door or lock on base...most of the time they all look the same to me. I am thankful when I have hot water. In the time I have been here I've had about 5 or 6 hot showers. I'm thankful for washing machines so I don't have to wash my clothes by hand even though they do dry out on the line. I'm thankful that babies and children have similar personalities and characteristics all over the world. This makes them simple to bond with. I'm thankful when a tia or other Mozambican greets me. So days I feel like an these moments are precious. Also, on the VERY rare occasion I understand what someone is trying to tell me in Portuguese I am elated. Mind you these times are extremely few and far between. My mosquito net and zapper...these two things make me thankful each night as I prepare for bed. American food- the fact that we can get many American foods makes me excited. Today I had both 7Up and Pringles (sour creme and onion!)...yep thankful!
4~ Forgiveness/Grace: As I attempt to learn a new culture, I am reminded of forgiveness and grace on a daily basis. I am always doing something wrong...even when I have no idea. These weeks have made me realize how important it is to give away forgiveness easily and live through grace. I stand very appreciative.

Ok, I think you get the picture. Small things make me joyful and the same small things humble me to thankfulness. Big things have been hard to cope with but still are bringing about a huge place of thankfulness in my heart. As I think about where I am, in a developing country, where many live on less than a $1 a day...I could cry to think of the amazing place and family I grew up in. It seems unfair, yet all we can do is be thankful for what God has given us.

I think I'll leave you with that thought...hope all is well and the Lord is blessing each one of you as much as He is me. Much Love!

Oh for my "welcome crud"...I'm getting better each day. Definitely not 100% yet, but at least my head isn't pounding all day anymore! Thank you for the prayers...keep them coming please!

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  1. Meghann,

    Seriously, moved to tears. All I can say is that God is so good. And by good I also mean a great time manager, that he cares about me in Chapel Hill and you in Mozambique. Amazing/mind blowing. You are already making a tremendous difference in so many lives--and you probably don't even realize it. Mistakes = wisdom & discernment. Soak them up. :) Praying for you, friend.