Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh the Adventures...

So you know how I have been sick?? Well now I have the flu...yep that's right fever, chills, sore neck and back, headaches...the same sickness everyone on base has been getting. Obviously I'm not great help in the baby house...but my fever is under control at the maybe I'll attempt meds for the night (maybe?). I haven't seen the kids since Monday and to be honest I miss them. But one of the missionaries here...Hilary has been absolutely amazing in her willingness to step up and cover for me! And everyone else has continued to check in on me.
As for exciting news...I found out yesterday that I will be leaving for South Africa on Sunday after church to return Tuesday. I have to be out of Moz by the 17th for my visa (the visa I have requires I leave the country every 30 days). The funny part is that I will be going with two missionaries from Brazil. One of them I've been told speaks some English and the other is should be interesting. But at least in South Africa I will be able to communicate because everyone there speaks English. Look for stories after I return though...because no doubt funny things will happen!
Oh and let me tell you about today...I have only left my apartment once (due to the sickness) but that was because the nurses and staff in the clinic have been planning a welcome meal for me all week. They cooked lunch, we sang and danced (yes really!), and Aurora (the Moz nurse who works with me in the Baby House) gave me my first capalona, which is the traditional dress of Moz women. It's a wrap around skirt of sorts...really just a piece of cloth. It really was great to get to officially meet all the clinic staff and realize that they are absolutely here to help me in whatever way they can...we just have a HUGE language barrier so that makes it difficult. But, either way they are all fantastic and the two Brazilians I will be going to South Africa with work their as well so hopefully our 3 days together will make for close relationships.
Ok...I think that is all I have for now. I'm back to bed to watch a movie and keep praying that my sickness runs away!

Oh and of course...Go Tigers!


  1. Miss you!! Can't believe you are still sick! Get some good rest so you can play with those sweet babies!! :) Still praying for you daily!

    When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, nor shall the flame scorch you.
    Isaiah 43:2


  2. Hey Meghann,
    Get better soon! We're thinking of you each day and am amazed at how much you've learned already. Miss you! Take care- Susan and Tom

  3. Hi Meghann hope you get better soon. you all sound like you have swine flu that is raging around the world at the moment