Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh ShopRite...

Tuesday mornings are my usual time for adventures to ShopRite. This is one of the weekly runs that the ministry takes so missionaries and visitors can get anything they need. Well, this morning I was running a few minutes late because I forgot I needed to stop by and tell one of our other nurses that we had removed maggots from little Agostinho's foot a few days ago. Yep, that's right friends, maggots. Two of them. Disgusting! Anyway, I got to our meeting place to find no vehicle there to drive us. Soon we found out that the normal mini-bus we take was broken down. So only 9 of us could go because we were going to have to take the Land Rover. But there were 11 of us...so we find out we can take the school bus but it has to be back to the center by 11:15 to get the boys to school on time.
By the time we had walked over and started loading the bus it was 9:20...and since it takes 45 minutes to get to ShopRite and then 45 minutes to get back...plus usually we have an hour to shop...there was NO WAY we would be back on time. Slowly but surely we whittle down our group so we can fit in the Land Rover...all 9 of us pile in. The only issue was that no one really thought about where our groceries would go on the way home. Plus for the record it is HOT today! So after all of that we get our shopping done and pile like clowns back into the Land Rover.
At some point in the midst of pushing and pulling bags, attempting to get my legs on the floor between bags of groceries, and making sure all the visitors were ok...my cell phone must have fallen out of my purse. I got back to my kitchen, unloaded, and went to look at my phone...no phone. Ironically earlier this week Chris picked up a new phone for me because I was afraid my US phone that I have been using would be broken or stolen here and didn't want that to happen...but the new phone has a short. It turns itself on and off, the keypad doesn't work all the time...end result, it needs to be returned. So I was phoneless! :(
But after a few phone calls around and 2 trips back up to the transport area I located my phone!!!!!!!! One job for this week...to locate a new phone so I won't have to stress about this one.

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