Monday, March 15, 2010


Yep I said has been encouraging so far, not in every way but in most ways! I woke up early to send a reminder text to our clinic nurses about a consult for one of our diabetics...just wanted to make sure someone would actually be leaving on time to get her there. Then I laid back down to spend a little time with the Lord before heading up to the clinic for our Monday 9:00 medical staff meeting. This is one of the responsibilities I inherited when I became the head of the clinic. So, I didn't have much to go over today and decided I'd just speak with the nurses about scheduling and consults for this week and let everyone else have a break from the weekly meeting. But in the back of my head, I did remember that Ros (one of the center directors and a nurse from Australia) had mentioned maybe coming to try to work things out in regard to the nurses doing follow up on the sick kids they see during the day.
Ok...a little background for you so you can understand why I'm so encouraged at the moment. First, I mentioned last week that the 2 Mozambican nurses that work in our clinic came up with their own schedule to cover 4 nights a week of on call duty. No it's not perfect but a blessing nonetheless! So they each have 2 nights a week, covering Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for me! Second, the issue is that I usually did follow up care. So if there were sick kids seen during the day I went around and checked on them after dinner (making sure fevers were down, malaria symptoms better...). So since I'm only working 3 nights a week that leaves 4 nights a week with no follow up. back to the encouraging reference to the follow up. The nurses decided that they would start making a list of kids they saw during the day who are sick (fevers, malaria, any respiratory issues) and going around to find them after dinner!!! This is almost a miracle! From what I have seen there was no real follow up done on anyone except by this is a HUGE step in the right direction for our clinic!!! So they are now working nights (although we are still looking for a permanent person to do 3 nights week) and starting to tackle follow up!!!! Such an encouragement!

On another note...kid updates:
Cleita- is back to her normal self. She is running the Bercario (nursery) again, being a bit whiny but cute as always! All malaria symptoms and issues have disappeared!!! Encouraging!Alberto- our friend with RSV (or at least that's what we think he has), seems a bit better. He is now down to 2 nebulizers a day with no meds in either. They are just to help break up his snottyness. So that's an improvement. Encouraging!Fernanda- is eating her baby cereal a bit better with only small amounts of vomit instead of continuous vomit. And she has not seemed to notice that Erin has fortified her milk with more sugar to add calories. But, I walked in today after having been away from the nursery all weekend and she looks dramatically worse. She is still losing weight...she is down to about 13.8 pounds (having lost 250 grams since yesterday). Remember she is 15 months old. She is still having fevers, went another 18 hours without peeing Saturday, and is all around puny (sleeping most of the time). She has been started on antibiotics for a second time, but after 3 days there is no improvement. Erin is going to bring her tomorrow morning for blood work in the city so hopefully we can figure out what is going on. Please be praying for definitive results, healing, strength, and weight for this little peanut. Here's our peanut as of tonight...Naftal- So at our staff meeting tonight Ros updated us all on Naftal. Apparently the information I received early today about his cancer having spread to one of his heart valves was in accurate. Also the phone call Ros received saying he did have surgery today and has mets (or cancer spread) all over his body is also not true. There is another boy with the same cancer (Wilm's tumor) who had surgery with this outcome. It is possibly the other boy who is in the room with being praying for him as well. But, as for Naftal we are back to square one. Maybe he will have an ECHO (ultrasound of his heart) tomorrow like we were told yesterday and maybe he will have surgery on Friday or Monday? No one really knows...this medical system makes a person feel completely this one is not encouraging! That's why I said I was encouraged by most things....

Ok, that sums up my life. Oh and the fact that I have not been sweaty once today and could probably live without a that is encouraging!!!! (It is 86 in my room right now...that might seem hot to you but for us that is cool temp for 3:30 in the afternoon!!! Praise God it's starting to cool off!)

Just keep praying for our tots please!

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