Saturday, March 20, 2010

Updates...Fernanda, Naftal, and RATatouille!

Ok, so let's start with the FANTASTIC news that RATatouille is now DEAD and no longer in our building! YAY, YAY, YAY! Jannie found him dead Friday morning and with the help of a maintenance guy got him disposed of...see I told you I didn't think the other maintenance guy believed us or went after him. Anyway, at least the adventures of Ratatouille are over!

As for Fernanda she put on 60 grams today (2 ounces)!!! I know that seems like just a small amount but it's not losing it's gaining and that's what all these prayers are for! Also, we are giving all credit to the Lord above that she ate EVERYTHING we gave her today. That's right! She drank all her fortified formula, ate all her rice and beans, 1/2 a banana, baby cereal (we switched brands and she seems to like this one better) and even kept down her "ironman shake" as Erin has named it (yogurt, peanut butter, and milk...mixed well!). There was only one vomiting event today...miraculous with all that food! Praise God! And as of yesterday we did get it oked for her to start new medications on Monday. This can be very tough on her little body so, continue praying every day at 9:00am your time SC! We all gather around Nanda here in prayer then as well!

As for Naftal...he is still having a tough time. Steve and Ros (our directors, Ros being a nurse) did get to speak with his doctor today but it seems with no result of changes in treatment. Please keep praying for this little one, for control of pain and comfort...and most of all healing! He is quite the sad little guy at the moment. For now we are waiting on other test results and confirmation of what is really going on. Also being praying for his nurses and doctors for wisdom and compassion! And add us a medical team onto your prayer list as well please...for wisdom as we make decision regarding his hospitalization and care!
Thanks for all the prayers!!! God can hear each one of you!

As for me I spent the day cleaning my old apartment and kitchen with help from Aleya! Matt and Sheri (a new nurse!!!) will be here Tuesday and are moving into our old house!

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