Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Ok, so I got away from the center for a few hours today to go with Laura and see Naftal. Here is how he is looking (maybe the worst picture of me ever-since I planned on a shower but that fell through after a situation in the clinic...but I want you to have a picture of him to pray for him!).He is now on the surgical ward and we found out this morning that there is another complication. He has a "problem with his tricuspid valve" in his heart. I put that in quotes because that is all I know. I don't know what the problem is, if it was caused by what is going on now, or if he has had it since birth. Anyway, this is going to complicate the anesthesia for his surgery. One of the doctors that works with us and sees our kids 2 days a week at the clinic was going to do his anesthesia consult today and check things out for us (it's all in the people you know here...otherwise we would never figure anything out)!
So, that is what we know for now...Wilm's tumor, right kidney, tricuspid valve problem, surgery monday, chemotherapy to follow....
As for what I saw today, he is certainly swollen. Laura says his feet are better than yesterday, but his face is VERY puffy. His belly is FULL of fluid...think end stage kidney patient with out of control ascites if you're a nurse/medical. Otherwise, think about to pop he is so full of fluid in his abdomen. Other than that they say he is anemic...distinctly possible if you ask me...but his chart wasn't there so I couldn't do any snooping. So who knows what they are doing about the anemia.

Things to pray about:
1-Healing for him of course would be number one!
2-The nurses just forgot to do his blood draw last night for lab work. So please be praying they would find things serious enough to do their jobs well and look after him.
3-For the tias who are staying with him. They switch off every day and apparently the nurses have started to get upset with them and say that one needs to just stay all the time because that's how it works if you are a mom. These ladies do love our kids here but have families of their own. Just pray the nurses understand why they have to switch and they are switching just to go rest but instead to work or take care of their own families.
4-Thanksgiving for Naftal's family. His father has gone to see him every day except one when he didn't have enough money for transportation (he didn't realize he could ask and we would give it to him). That is a miracle! Today he even came to the center, picked up his big brother, and brought him to see Naftal as well. The father volunteered to stay with Naftal for a night and let the tias go home (something unheard of). But, the hospital won't let him because only women can stay on the ward with children. He also calls the tias every morning and night and prays with them on the phone for Naftal. I cannot explain to you how abnormal this is and how much of blessing it is for us to see him so worried and involved and with such faith.

So for now we are standing in faith that God will heal him. He is scheduled for surgery on Monday. Just keep praying...that's all we have to do and remembering he is in God's hands!

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