Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Changes, Changes, Changes...

So I've been here 4 days and I couldn't start to tell you all that has happened. Anyway...let's start with the changes that occurred while I was gone:
~A crew of older Baby House kids moved over to Tracy's dorm...it is a transition year for them before they move on to the older dorms! Don't worry I'll see a lot of them, but they won't actually be living in the Baby House any more. So, that was Arsenia, Jose, Albertina, Ryan, and Rosa. They are definitely looking grown up as they come running out onto the playground by themselves (a tia following close behind).
~Edsan and Catia went home. I wrote about these twins in my last monthly update. But while I was away their mother returned from South Africa and wanted them back. So just be praying for a smooth transition for them. They were doing so great when I left...their personalities shining and their health status MUCH better than when they arrived! Pray that continues!
~Wesley and Francisco (in the Bercario or nursery) are both standing on their own and taking steps if they are holding on to something! They are growing up so fast!!! Here is Wesley showing off his new talent!
~Lucia will be saying goodbye to her small Bercario (nursery) home on Thursday. She is moving into the Baby House for her second birthday! It's definitely time. Her skin is looking great, she's talking more, and needs friends her age to interact with and learn from! I for one am excited for her. I'm sure it will be tough at first because from morning play dates to a full time living situation is a transition...but it will be good for her! Be praying for her!That's it on the goodbyes/fun news from those we already love...but we have 2 new friends!
~Alberto- He is a chubby, cute, laughing 5 month old (as of March 1st). He is not doing so great at sitting yet...but did I mention he was chubby...I mean chubby to the full extent of the word! So, his belly gets in the way of any sort of sitting position. Other than that he is just great...he's a drooler and loves to spit up (typical 5 monther)...but we love him and it's fun to have another small baby around to cuddle with! We also have his sister here with us who is 4 and living in our girl's area, they look exactly alike. There mom died soon after his birth and the dad is having trouble taking care of both kids on his own. But, he's happy and for now we love him! Meet, Alberto:~Fernanda- Today we welcomed Fernanada into our family. She is 15 months old and weighs about 16 pounds (7.36kg). She has kwashiorkor, for me this is one of those diseases you learn about in nursing school but pray you'll never really see. Basically this means she is dangerously malnourished. The top of her body is skin and bones but the bottom half is full of fluid to the point of causing skin breakdown from bad circulation. I worked with Erin today as she taught me all about how to treat a baby like this. We have started her on rehydration fluid for tonight...it's every hour, so I took the first 2 hours, Erin did the next one with the tias, but now they are on their own for the night. Please be praying they understand the gravity of this situation and work diligently to feed her on time...it takes a lot of patience and time. Tomorrow morning she will start on a special formula because her body can't handle normal food or even formula at the moment. She is also on 2 antibiotics, multivitamins, and de-worming medications. Her malaria test is negative along with a few other tests we did...but looking at her weight she was doing well until a certain point when she just plummeted...so be praying we as a team can figure out what happened and get the problem corrected. Just pray she gets stronger each day by God's grace; the tias have the strength, patience, and diligence to work with her; we have the knowledge to continue to treat her; and her mom who has been in the hospital since December begins to get stronger as well. God can do all things! Meet Fernanada:
I think she has eyes like Dino...it's a blessing to have those expressive eyes back among us!
She was not very excited at all about the scary white people (Erin and I) touching, examining, poking, and messing with her.I tried to get a picture of her legs (for all you medical minded people out there)...it's hard to see but they are so swollen she can't straighten out her toes...they are curled under. I'll try to get another in the next few days.She does like to be held and hugged and she spent an hour with me today tied up in a capalana just taking in the world. I think once she's healthy again she'll be quite smart and joyful!
A note on the bright side...as of today we have a full Bercario (nursery) for the first time since it opened! It was made for 8 and Fernanda makes 8! We as a team have been praying for the babies that need to be there to come...here they are! And, for now it's midnight and way past my bedtime. I'm still waiting on the text that a 13 year old and his educator have made it back to the center with some stitches in the cut on his head...but I have to get some sleep! Be praying for us all, the medical staff is VERY shorthanded and we only have 4 more weeks with Aleya (my roommate, friend, and fellow nurse)! Again I say, God can do all things...and know your prayers keep me going day after day! God bless you!

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