Sunday, June 27, 2010

Little One Update

Weight today...5.51kg not surprising at all. As he loses his edema he'll lose a bit before he gains (fingers crossed...prayers being sent up!!!!!).
He has become a bit more active especially tonight! When I went to give him his medication he had pulled off his dressing from the wound on his head. Ok, maybe that's not good active but it's active nonetheless. He also wimpered for me to pick him up tonight! BONDING I tell you...that's definitely a step in the right direction! What else can I tell you...oh, my brilliant hot water bottle heater is doing wonders! As long as I keep the water warm, his temp is staying in the normal range.
Other than that I'd love your prayers tomorrow as Sheri (our other nurse) takes him in for testing. We'll hopefully get to see just how anemic he is and if he has some overwhelming infection that is masked by everything else going on with him. Also, I'd love prayers for Sheri and I as we continue to closely work together to do our best to care for all of the children at the center but specifically this Little One!
Thanks in advance and as usual I'll do my best to keep you updated.

Oh and I have not forgotten that I haven't filled you in on anything that has happened since June 1st/Children's Day...all will come in time (after painting in complete and I have recovered from working 6 days in a row)!

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