Monday, June 28, 2010

Little One...

So my little friend is off to the hospital this morning. Sheri took him in for blood work and his hemoglobin was so low he needs a transfusion. I've been thinking this since he arrived but was just waiting for the moment we actually got the results to confirm my suspicion. There is also the possibility he has an overwhelming blood infection that is keeping him anemic and malnourished. Just keep him in your prayers please. I have not gotten word yet of what the ER docs had to say but there is always the possibility that they will admit him and just leave him on the malnutrition ward without trying to resolve his problems. Fighting through the hospital system here is tough. It is one of the many things here in Moz that makes me feel hopeless and consistently makes me turn to the Lord with more questions than I can put into words. So I'm here at the center watching after our other children, praying for this Little One and Sheri who is at the hospital with him for now. May God be his strength, armor, healer, provider, and so much more!

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