Friday, June 25, 2010

A Precious Life!

Meet our newest addition to the Bercario. He puts us at 7 amazing little ones! He is 1 year and 4 months old. He came to us yesterday weighing only 5.71kg (about 12.5 pounds). He is severely malnourished, unable to sit or roll over on his own, has large sores on his head and bottom, and is severely anemic. I thanked God many times for the urge He sent my way the day Fernanda was admitted. I just felt I was suppose to hang with Erin and learn as much as possible about the initial care of a severely malnourished child. Yesterday it all came flooding back to me as I made decisions about diet, medications, assessed, dressed, and arranged all his things. All went smoothly considering I was pulled from painting my ceiling, covered in paint, to assess and decide if this was a Baby House or Bercario baby...turns out I spent the next several hours assessing and deciding how we should proceed with his care.
It was quite the adventure. These are the moments when I realize God's provision is so real. It's when I look back over a day like yesterday, and I realize exactly why God has me here for such a time as this. Yesterday it was to dress wounds, choose antibiotics, start malaria treatment, figure out formula, rehydrate him, cuddle him, and start the process of someone coming along side of him to fight for life with him. Those are the days that make it all worth while!
Here's a progression from when he first arrived until when I had him all dressed and ready for his first meal of rehydration fluid.We have made it through day one. He weighed in at 5.86kg today. It might be retained fluid but I'll take it. He only vomited and had diarrhea once and even played with a rattle for a bit! He is certainly no where close to out of the woods but I'll count day one a success. Please keep our missionary staff, nurses, tias, and him in your prayers. Having a baby like this with a team that is already short-staffed it stretching...but I believe God's grace is enough in all things.

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