Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Visit from Chris!

So some of you might be thinking that my brother came to see me...well I'd love that but I also loved Chris (a former missionary who I was very close to) coming back to see us and the kids and pick up the rest of her belongings. She was with us for a week, and it was fantastic. We spent late nights laughing, ate meals together, went on a few excursions into the city, and played with tons of kids as usual. The best part was, it felt like she never left. She so easily fit back into our lives here. All of that to say I loved having her here and was sad to see her leave...again!
She is now living in London (VACATION SPOT!) and studying to become a nurse. She was inspired by what she saw here in Moz and lead by God to apply for nursing school. I cannot wait to see where she ends up after school. God has some amazing plans for her!(Erin, Jannie, Me, and Chris...and that's the Indian Ocean people!)

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