Friday, June 17, 2011

A Beginning and An End

An End- Today our team said a very sad, tragic, unexpected, sudden goodbye to an 11 year old little girl who has lived here at the base since she was a baby.  She lost her life to bacterial meningitis tonight.  She has gone to live with her heavenly father for eternity.  She was a funny girl.  One who loved attention, loved to chat, and could be quite moody and dramatic at times, as most girls can.  She certainly was a known face and personality around the center.
As I stroked her dead yet still warm body tonight, I couldn't help but feel sad for this 11 year old.  The health system here in Mozambique failed her.  From starting with a headache on June 7th, she has gone to 6 consults with doctors, and only the last time was she finally admitted to the hospital, diagnosed with meningitis and started on needed medication.  This morning I held her in my arms, reassured her, and prayed with her, all as she held her head in extreme pain.  She spoke my name; could tell me how she was feeling.  This afternoon she started vomiting and having seizures.  By the time we could get back to the hospital tonight, the tia who had been with her was alone in the hallway unable to control her emotions enough to tell us what happened.  We asked and were allowed to pray over Helena's body.  We then all sat in shock with one of our favorite tias who had just experienced something most of us will never see.  We held her; we prayed with her.
I'm asking that you join me in prayer.  Please pray for the family Helena does have.  Please pray for all the other girls that live here at the center, that they would process her death how they need to and not be fearful.  Please pray that there would be no more cases of meningitis on the center.  Please pray for the tias who work in the girls' area.  Please pray for Anna, Heather, Fiona, and Emily, all missionaries who have worked with Helena in the girls' area but are not currently in Mozambique.  Please pray for Rachel, the current missionary in the girls' area.  And please pray for all the nurses, me included, and the rest of our missionary staff who have cared for Helena over her many years here on the center.  I am choosing to bed God to lift me up, heal my broken heart, and show me how to love as He does.

A Beginning- Between yesterday and today we have admitted 3 new little guys into the center...along with 3 older children (siblings of the little guys).
I will add pictures when I have them!
Meet Victoria, a 14 month old, adorable little girl. 
She is malnourished (only weighing 13 pounds...and a month ago she only weighed 10 pounds before a pastor's wife began helping the family) and definitely behind developmentally, only able to sit on her own.  She was being cared for by her 8 year old brother.  We have gladly welcomed her into the Bercario (nursery).  And, she might be the cuddliest baby I have ever met!
Meet Joao, Victoria's 3 year old brother.  He was also being cared for by their 6 year old brother.  Joao has joined us in the Baby House.  He is already smiling, and I pray he settles quickly.
Meet Atalia who joined our crew today.  She is a 3 year old little girl.  She is small for her age but very cute and talkative.

For all of these little lives the last few days has been a beginning, not an end in the least.  They have found a home, one filled with people who love them and will care for them.  A joyful beginning indeed!

So where does that leave me?  Well, I can't help but compare the last 2 days to my next 10 days.  I have 10 more days here in Mozambique.  I have 10 more days before this part of my life comes to an abrupt end.  I have 10 more days until the next season of my life begins.  When I originally came to Mozambique, I felt as if I was jumping off a cliff and wasn't sure where I'd land...I have to say this leap feels about the same.  The States should be familiar territory, I did spend the first 22 years of my life there.  But some how with the last 2 years of experiences on my mind, the States don't seem so familiar.  In fact they feel quite foreign.
A beginning and an end.
6 lives changed forever by love, care, and needs fulfilled.
An 11 year old girl loosing her life in extreme pain.
A beginning and an end.
Taking a leap of faith to return to the States and continue to follow the call.
Saying goodbye to a place I've learned to love and people I now call family.
A beginning and an end.


  1. I'm praying for you and know you have a team back here that will continue lifting up your name and concerns to our Almighty and Merciful God as well as your arms for you upon your return when you are tired, weary, and done. He is already working out unimaginable and amazingly blest details for you here back in the States just as He is continuing to work out details for there in your absence. And noone is better at it than Him. Trust and REST in that! love you!

  2. Love you Meghann! Will sorely miss you but am excited for what God has next for you. Thank you for pouring yourself out on behalf of "the least of these" like Helena.