Monday, October 11, 2010

Clemson World!

I think it's no secret that I LOVE Clemson.  I love the town.  I love the color orange...or I bleed orange more appropriately.  I love the Tigers.  I love football.  I love all my friends (and am jealous of them) that get to spend their weekends tailgating and cheering on the Tigers.  I love Tillman, Bowman, Death Valley...all of it!  I firmly believe "there is something in those hills"!  Whatever "it" is binds us graduates to each other.  It sucks us in and we never want to let go of the people we became there, the fun we had, the things we learned, the feelings we felt!
So in the midst of missing 2 football seasons, living on the other side of the world, and experiencing things I never thought I'd see needless to say live among, I have not lost my love for Clemson.  And just a few days ago I heard the amazing news that I am going to be in Clemson World!  If you aren't a Clemson person this is our alumni magazine.  I am pumped can I just say...PUMPED!  All of that to say...
Clemson, it's the place we have learned to call home, the place where we can come to feel young again, and the place where we will always have a family who knows and understands what college is about for all of us who will forever bleed orange.  
I wrote this quote for a friend who was graduating and still firmly believe every word of it!  I miss you Clemson!

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