Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tiny Cuteness!

Meet Jeremias!  He's the newest member of the Bercario.  He arrived last night at about 5:30 as I was leaving for a missionary dinner.  Needless to say things were a bit crazy but we made it through.  He is now settled in and happy.  He's 2 months old and quite alert and strong for his age.  He weighed in at 4.62kg (about 10 pounds).

He is with us because his mother died when he was about a month old.  His father is living, but lives in a house with 7 other people.  His grandfather was here when he was dropped off, but with work does not have the ability to care for a baby.  Jeremias seems healthy huge issues as of now.

Please be praying for his transition into the center and for this family.  I pray one day Jeremias will be able to live with them, happy and healthy!  But for now we have warmly welcomed him!

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