Friday, October 29, 2010

Meet Ozias...or Zito!

Meet Ozias!  He's 2 years old on Saturday and the newest member of our crew.  For now he is living in the Bercario because of our chicken pox outbreak in the Baby House.  He has 2 older brothers, who have also come to live with us on the center.  They already came today to play with him...they taught him how to climb the playground this morning!  And they call him we are now calling him that as well!
He is quite the cutie but has an attitude as well.  He speaks wonderful Portuguese and knows exactly what he wants.  We'll see what he thinks in a few days, since I'm sure he'll quickly grow out of the Bercario's not a very big space for a 2 year old who is used to running wherever he wants in the community.
Please pray for his adjustment.  He has already bonded quite well with the tias, but seems to still be a bit timid when it comes to white people.  Also, thank God for the fact that he is healthy, chubby, and happy!
As for a chicken pox update for you...we are on kid number 7 in the Baby House with chicken pox now.  Some of them are quite happy to continue on playing with an occasional stop to itch...others are absolutely miserable with spots on every inch of their bodies' and one is quite sick with pneumonia as well (not breathing great and requiring intervention every 4-6 hours).  Please keep praying for them, especially for the few vulnerable kids we have...those who are HIV+ or on tuberculosis treatment.  We are all praying for and believing for a wall of protection around them even as they live among all the others!  Pray with us please!


  1. Did his brothers go into my dorm? Do you know why they came? I hope he does well! he is a chub!

  2. I've been praying not only for a wall of protection for the sickest but that if anyone gets the spots that it will be just that....non itchy, without fever or pneumonia or discomfort spots! God is big and mights and He can protect them from everything....even itchyness.....if it's going to run it's course through there.....that would be the best (and coolest) way! just sayin. Also praying for you and medical staff, missionaries, and tias! NO MORE POX! miss you! ;)

  3. of the boys is in your dorm yes...the other is in Jonny and Becky's. Apparently they do have a mother in the picture but their dad threw them out of the house/destroyed the house. Their mom is sick and therefore no other family will help out. But other than being a bit dirty the boys seem healthy!
    Erin...thanks for all your prayers! We could use a itchyness and certainly no complications!